"My daughter was enrolled at another preschool. Everyday she cried when I dropped her off and when I would pick her up she begged and cried not to go back. We looked at other preschool options and after visiting Sonshine preschool and several conversations and questions with the director Courtney, we decided to move her to Sonshine preschool. We immediately saw a difference. There were minimal to no tears at drop off, she came home and was excited about her day and told us all about it. We are very sad to leave Sonshine preschool this year for kindergarten, but are very excited to enroll our younger daughter in a year. All of the teachers are so loving and truly care about the children in their class. Our daughter has learned so much in just a year and a half of being there that I have no doubts she is ready for kindergarten. I would recommend Sonshine preschool to anyone looking for a great environment for their little ones to learn and grow." -A.C.

"Sonshine preschool was an amazing experience for my son.  It was the first time I left him with anyone other than family, and the staff made me feel so comfortable and confident that he was well cared for.  I was so impressed with what he learned from only being there two hours a day.  Being a working parent, I also appreciated all the evening events they held so that we didn't have to miss out.  He is so excited to go back there in a couple of weeks."  J.H.

"I am so happy that we chose to enroll our son into the toddler class at Sonshine Preschool this year. The teachers are amazing and always keep us informed of the special things he did in class that day. I am also so appreciative of the special little surprises that Courtney does for the parents. I cannot wait to see what next year's school year will bring." ~ S. L.


"The preschool is dedicated to safety. The door to the building is locked and only those with a key fob can enter. They school also creates a list of approved people to pick up the children. They ask permission to take photographs and are aware of allergies and medical conditions of the children. I know my son is safe when I drive away not only because of the security of the building but because of the women with whom I leave him. I know they will do their very best to take care of my little boy."M.C.

"The cost of the preschool is very reasonable especially considering all of the activities and learning that take place. I'm always skeptical - of everything! It takes time to "win me over;" however, it didn't take long to see that the small amount I paid each month was paying huge dividends in my son's development. Though I work hard to teach him at home, preschool provides things that I simply cannot. Sonshine Preschool isn't "daycare." It is a place for children to learn, socialize and grow!”

Shaughn loves his teachers and talks about them at home. The lead teacher is a trained early childhood educator with children of her own. She is experienced in her professional field, as well as motherhood. She creates lesson plans based on Pennsylvania teaching standards and provides progress reports twice yearly to help parents see how their child is growing. Courtney operates from a positive paradigm in all that she does. She is a sounding board for parents and a calming presence in the classroom. The teacher's aides are warm, wonderful women. They care for and guide my son as if he was theirs. The aides add another dimension of care and education to the preschool setting. They are an invaluable resource.